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Software Test Automation using Java and Selenium.

Manual Testing Job role is becoming history.

Are you a manual tester? Want to make a difference in your career and advance to the next level? Stay up with the competition and even get a head


 If you have  one of these two backgrounds and having trouble where to start? read on....

 Now it is a great time to be in Test Automation, with frequent releases, CICD and DevOps Test Automation is a must for companies. Delivering products and services in short intervals, requires strong process in test in shorts schedules.

Selenium has become de-facto standard for web automation testing, combined with Java it integrates well into CICD process and leverage Java skills into back-end test automation.

TestAutomation.CO offers two flagship courses -

                                   1.​ Java For Testers

                                   2. Selenium with Java

                                         provides clear path starting from scratch, by giving detailed understanding of fundamentals, environment setup and writing tests from basics. The course progression is in such a way, we start with simple concepts with hands-on examples to bigger picture which maps with real-world scenarios.

Making a difference, one student at at time. With years of experience in teaching:  class-room, live online trainings in QA & TestAutomation, lessons are designed to simplify the complex concepts, which otherwise you get lost in the world of information. Teaching Test Automation since 2004, from the days of WinRunner :)

Each Module will have quizzes and notes and discussions associated to the lesson. Take a measurable approach towards your goal of becoming Automation Engineer.


~Anand Mikkilineni Test Automation + DevOps, AWS CSA, Certfied Security+.

Are you ready for the change?

A change, that is good for life. It is a leap, that transforms you into Automation Engineer.

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You will learning from practical work experience who is currently working in the industry. Captures the most up to date changes in the area of Test Automation and DevOps.

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